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Duct Cleaning Specialist L.L.C.

What We Do

Air duct cleaning improves indoor air quality by removing dust and many hazardous contaminants such as fungi, bacteria and microbes etc. which are related to many allergy-related illness as proven in the recent studies. We provide duct cleaning services in association with the USA number one brand – Duct Doctor, across UAE since 2005. Our Services include complete solutions for Air Duct Cleaning.

Before the Cleaning

  • We provide Free Survey to identify your exact requirement.
  • We provide Free Video Analysis recording and digital photos of your existing air duct system to understand why you have to perform this cleaning process.
  • We provide We provide Free Air Testing.

Specifications for Duct Cleaning

  • Equipment and Workmanship

    We use a patented truck mounted unit, whenever possible, pulling up to 10,000 CFM of vacuum power and an air compressor that produces a minimum of 175 PSI or industrial strength portable vacuum and air compressor. Entire Operation is monitored and accomplished by skilled and trained technicians in HVAC system cleaning.

  • Ductwork Cleaning

    Ductwork shall be cleaned by inserting a vacuum hose in one end of the duct or trunk line using high pressure compressed air to make the dust and debris airborne. As the compressed air is blowing. The residues shall be drawn into the vacuum unit. All foreign materials such as dust, mold, soot, lint, hair, bacteria, and other air movement residues are removed from the area.

  • Duct Access Openings

    Access openings shall be provided at required points of the duct system for physical and mechanical entry. These openings shall be provided as required at points adjacent to turning vanes, dampers, and other obstructions that might tend to trap or entrain dust, dirt, lint, and debris.

  • Grills and Registers

    All grills, registers, and diffusers are removed and cleaned with a non-toxic, disinfecting solution. Areas around registers are lightly cleaned. After cleaning, we adjust all registers to insure proper air flow.

  • Fans and air filters

    Fans are cleaned, when and where possible by using air pressure and an air nozzle designed for that purpose. All accessible air filters are cleaned.

  • Coil and drainage cleaning

    Coils and condensing units are cleaned, when and where accessible using a non-acid coil cleaner, sprayed, forced into the coil and flushed out using air pressure. There should be no residue of coil cleaner left in the system. Drainage should be cleaned using high air pressure.

  • Visual Inspection

    Upon completion of cleaning of each section, a visual inspection is performed. A video/picture of before, during and after is given to client.

  • Area Clean Up

    Every precaution shall be taken to prevent the spread of dust and dirt in occupied areas. Complete areas clean up after each work cycle shall be performed and no debris will be left behind.

  • Sanitization

    After completion of the duct cleaning, all the duct work is sanitized using reverse air sanitization method in conjunction with the vacuum unit.

    • Exclusions
    • Any and all non ducted returns.
    • Any and all items and service specifically not addressed in our scope of work.


  • Uninterrupted access to work areas during the cleaning process as scheduled for 12 Hours a day.
  • Accessible operational power outlets.
  • Accessible operational water faucets for cleaning the diffusers.
  • A post cleaning report shall be issued within 5 days from the completion date.
  • We will require that our Satisfactory Completion Certificate be signed by owner or owner representative within 24 hours of completion of the job. Should we not obtain your signature and/or any objection within the specified period, this job will be considered as completed in a satisfactory manner.

Safety and Affiliation

  • All our technicians are trained and certified
  • We follow the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards for safety procedures and we use equipment that are OSHA approved.


    • We carry USD $ 1,000,000 (One Million) Public Liability Third Party insurance as well as Workmen’s Compensation.


  • Duct Cleaning Specialist UAE is Franchisee of Duct Doctor USA. The leader and No.1 Air Duct Cleaners in the USA.
  • We use a state of the art, patented truck mounted, engine driven high power vacuum and compressors to extract all dirt, debris, and contaminants from the A/C’s associated Duct Work.