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Duct Cleaning Specialist L.L.C.

About D.C.S

Duct Cleaning Specialist LLC is franchise of Duct Doctor USA operational in United Arab Emirates. We offer Duct Cleaning Services to all sectors whether it’s residential or Commercial/Industrial. We have certified Duct Cleaning Technicians and advanced/upgraded vehicles and equipment imported from USA to Clean your Duct under expert’s supervision and guidance. In association with Duct Doctor USA we started our operations in 2005 to provide quality Duct Cleaning Services to both residential and commercial customers in UAE. The company is unique in the IAQ industry because of it’s modern methods of cleaning duct with advanced equipment. Poor Indoor Air Quality is ranked among the 5 major health issues of modern times. Majority of people are unaware of the air they are breathing which in most cases contains hazardous contaminations such as fungi, bacteria, viruses and microbes etc. that causes different types of allergies, asthma and many other health issues as proven in recent studies. Duct Cleaning Specialist would improve your indoor air quality by removing fungi, bacteria, microbes and dust from your Duct (HVAC). We have cleaned the air handling systems of several private and government companies including military installations, commercial centers and private villas.

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